Managing lettings Agents fees and charges

Initial charges – LANDLORDS

  • Fixed charge to the landlord for arranging a letting £360.
  • Administration charge for arranging a letting - £nil
  • Administration charge relating to deposit protection - £ nil
  • Charge for arranging a guarantee (if required) – £nil
  • Inventory fees payable £60 unfurnished £120 furnished

Ongoing charges for management

  • Fixed charge to the landlord for management of the property (if any) - £ nil
  • Commission payable by the landlord for managing the property 12% of rents actually received.


  • Charges to landlord for renewing tenancy when it expires with the existing tenant renewing. - £nil
  • If re-letting the property when it is vacant are the charges the same as those itemised above under the initial charges.No

If not, specify any difference in charges. - £240

  • Charges to the landlord if renewal is affected where at least one tenant remains but a new tenant(s) is/are introduced.

Fixed fee - £180

  • Charge to the landlord for assignments etc. if tenancy is transferred whilst it continues £nil.

Charges during tenancy

Charges for arrears letters/notification, Charges for letters/notification relating to other tenancy breaches, Charges for statutory notices e.g. Section 21 or Section 8, Charges for dishonoured payments e.g. Charges for inspections, cheques bounced and credit card payments dishonoured, Interest charges payable on late payments, Charges for failure to return keys/change locks, Charges for call outs , Other charges- £nil


Any charges for release of deposit, Fee for inventory on vacating property.. Tenancy deposit dispute adjudication charges for administering process -£nil

Tenancy Agreement

Client Money Protection

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