Managing lettings Agents fees and charges


Initial charges

1. Fixed charge to the landlord for arranging a letting £360.

2. Administration charge for arranging a letting:

Landlord - £0
Tenant - Single tenant £150 inclusive of VAT
Additional tenant £36
referencing and administration fee which includes copies of all documentation up to check in.

3. Administration charge relating to deposit protection, Charge for arranging a guarantee (if required). Landlord - £ nil, Tenant - £ nil.

4. Inventory fees payable by Landlord - £60 unfurnished. £120 furnished. - Tenant - £ nil.

Ongoing charges for management

5. Fixed charge to the landlord for management of the property (if any) - £ nil Payment monthly/quarterly/half yearly/annually.

6. Commission payable by the landlord for managing the property 14.4% of rents actually received.


7. Charges to landlord for renewing tenancy when it expires with the existing tenant renewing.
Fixed fee - £ nil - Commission - £ nil % of rent for months.

8. Charge to existing tenants for renewal of existing tenancy. - nil

9. If re-letting the property when it is vacant are the charges the same as those itemised above under the initial charges. No - If not, specify any difference in charges. - £240 fixed fee.

10. Charges to the landlord if renewal is effected where at least one tenant remains but a new tenant(s) is/are introduced. -Fixed fee - £180

11. Charge to a tenant if at least one of the existing tenants continues and a new tenant/s is/are introduced - £150 referencing and administration fee for new tenant.

Assignment of tenancy/transfer of tenancy where it is ongoing

12. Landlord - £ nil, Tenant - £ nil

Charges during tenancy

13.Landlord - £ nil, Tenant - £ nil


14. Fee for inventory on vacating property
Landlord - £ nil
Tenant - £ nil

15. Any charges for release of deposit
Landlord - £ nil
Tenant - £ nil

16. Tenancy deposit dispute adjudication charges for administering process
Landlord - £60
Tenant - £60